cf: my post about setting up a test environment for RT workflow dev, plus some updates as I fool around with RT 3.9.4

towards a BuildDoc:


from etc/

Set( $rtname, 'rt.adric.test');

Set( $Organization, "rt.adric.test");

Set( $LogoURL, '');

Set( $DevelMode, '1');

Set( $CorrespondAddress, 'correspond@rt.adric.test'); Set( $CommentAddress, 'comment@rt.adric.test');

Set( $MailCommand, 'sendmailpipe');

Set( $SendmailPath, '/bin/cat');

Set( $SendmailArguments, '>> mail.out');

Set( $SendmailDebug, '1');


External, Oversight, Helpdesk ? Along with the built in General and __Approval, that should be plenty of complexity for now


A privileged user specific to each of out test queues and one non-privileged user, plus root should be enough, so: Test External (text), Test Oversight (tosh), Test Helpdesk (telp), and Test Requestor (tester) added to the builtins.

and Groups

No groups yet, but may need one group per test queue.

Implementation details in RTtestenvScripts


1: That configuration script is not from the excellent but dated book RT Essentials, or the wiki, but from some of Jesse's slides from a boot camp that turned up in Google's cache.