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Accelerando, by Charles Stross, is, by the authors own admission, a fever-dream speculation of what might have happened if the 1990sITBubble had gone on forever. (Debate on whether this is not happening is off-topic). It started life as a series of stories in Asimov's SF Magazine and he then worked the stories into a novel. More in the authors original 700 word explanation: .

It is generally the story of a bloke named Manfred, his pet cat Aineko, his dominatrix Pamela, and their daughter Amber , and how they deal with a series of revolutionary technological jumps. A major theme of the story is that as fast as Manny and his family are adapting and changing, they are generally left behind by the actual technological Singularity. In this novel, humans (etc) evolve into software and begin to transform available matter into computers to run themselves on (computronium).

Without any more plot spoilers ... This story is a series of long sprints, separated by discontinuities (an obvious artifact from the original short fiction, but one I think works quite well for this tale). It thus breaks down into multiple reading sessions fairly well, although I've read right across some of the breaks (I've read through Accelerando twice now on my PalmPilot in Plucker. He started writing it on his Psion.) without flinching. The story pulls you along, even on subsequent runs through, when the major surprises aren't anymore, as you become either entangled in the characters' lives or you try and figure out some imaginary technology the author only names once. Definitely re-readable, particularly as you will undoubtedly miss details the first time or two through it.

I think Accelerando would be a riveting audio production, with multiple voices.

As to the kink content, since I seem to have brought that up, it is handled in a completely matter of fact way, as if such relations are completely normal .. which of course they are. Manfred is completely devoted to his Mistress .. at least at first, but he does not understand (or share) some (or all) of her religion. There are a few interesting social and technological twists that I won't spoil here, all great fun, if not outright sensible ideas.

Accelerando is available at its own website: under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license, and in paperback at book resellers all over (well at least the US, the UK, and online).